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Connected Tile | 2024 Limited Release

Connected Tile | 2024 Limited Release

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Helping you save 10+ hours a week with The Connected Tile. Tap for simple, actionable content that updates weekly. Join 3,000+ others who have trusted The Incubator.
✔️ Weekly Productivity Resources
✔️ AI & automation guides
✔️ Daily Visual Reminder
✔️ BONUS: Motivational Content + Add Ons

30-day money back guarantee.

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This tile has been 3 years in the making. The Incubator, originally founded in 2021, was founded to help people reach their potential. Since, we have helped teach over 100,000 people and have helped thousands increase their productivity and free up time in their day to day.

This Connected Tile is a way to help young professionals and students save 10+ hours a week. Freeing up this time will then allow them to chase their dreams and reach their potential.

Our mission is to help the people who interact with us and our products, and that's what this Tile provides. Powered through NFC Technology, this TIle has a digital experience that is updated weekly to adapt and provide fresh perspective on how to improve productivity in the modern world.

Curated by Austin, The Founder of The Incubator and COO of IYK, a tech company who recently raised $17 Million dollars, these techniques and guides are battle tested in the real world.

No fluff, just value.

Each week the resources on the tile update, so you stay on your toes and up to date with information. By providing a single piece of content each week, consumers can improve gradually over time.

BONUS: Motivational content will be included as well as a behind the scenes look at how Austin is using tools in his day to day to run these businesses.


This product is embedded with an IYK Powered NFC Chip that updates weekly during 2024. Customers will get:

  • Weekly Productivity Resources
  • Guides on modern AI & automation tools
  • Daily Visual Reminder
  • BONUS: Motivational Content + Add Ons

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren't 100% satisfied with our product, we will cover the cost of the product, no questions asked. We will ask that you ship the product back and once received we will refund the cost of the tile. Any additional shipping costs will not be refunded.